About Us

At Never Forever we aim to provide you with an opportunity to laser remove those unwanted reminders, within an environment which delivers a professional service and ensures your safety is paramount.

We only use the finest quality Q-Switched ND Yag lasers and IPL machines which are distributed in the UK. This is to ensure quality of service at all times. Lasers which are not Q-Switched are often not powerful enough to shatter ink particles and therefore, they may not deliver the desired results. Our IPL hair removal laser has the added RF facility which enables the light to go deeper into the follicle for more reliable results.

Laser tattoo removal is safe and the ideal method to completely remove multi-coloured tattoos or to fade them to enable a successful cover-up.

All our laser Tattoo Removal Technicians are fully trained, certificated and insured.

A £10 cancellation fee will be added to the next appointment if less than 24hrs is given – this is due to being unlikely to fill the missed appointment.  (As of 1/2/2019).

Never Forever Laser Tattoo and Permanent Hair Removal

1-5 Church Street,  Thomas Henry House, Ripley, Derbyshire, DE5 3BU.