Medical Questionnaire

At your first appointment you will be required to complete a short medical questionnaire. This is to establish any current / existing medical conditions which may affect your suitability to have  laser tattoo or hair removal procedure. It is important to disclose any recent UV exposure (either by sun / fake tan products / sun beds) as it is not recommended before or after any laser treatments.


After fully completing your medical questionnaire you will be seen by one of our certified laser  removal technicians for your initial treatment / consultation. At which point your medical questionnaire disclosures will be discussed and your tattoo(s) / hair assessed. Dependent upon the size and the variety of colours within your tattoo, a treatment schedule will be developed, and a price per treatment will be quoted. All removal processes will be fully explained  and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions.

Test Patch

After successful completion of your medical questionnaire and consultation  a test patch will be carried out on your tattoo or hair. This is a legal requirement and must take place prior to any full laser treatment being undertaken. This test consists of three or four shots being administered on each colour within your tattoo or hair. Following your test patch a period of 72 hours must pass before any full laser treatments can be carried out on your tattoo / hair.