IPL Hair Removal – FAQ

What are the benefits of IPL?

The benefits of IPL are that like laser hair removal it offers a much more permanent solution. Our specialised system also combines IPL with radio frequency (RF) which intensifies the treatment and helps to smooth skin at the same time. Our IPL system has a large treatment head for larger areas so we can cover a lot of skin, painlessly and fast.

What are the treatments like?

Our Intense Pulse Light hair removal treatments are pain-free and fast! After having a full consultation. You lie back and relax! Cold gel is applied to the skin and then the treatment head is glided over the area. Smaller areas such as half arms or lower legs take under 30mins and larger areas such as full legs and backs can be successfully treated in under an hour.

How does IPL hair removal differ from Laser permanent hair Removal

Whilst Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light Systems work on similar principles, there are some differences. Lasers use one specific wavelength to target unwanted hair, and they tend to have a relatively small handpiece so it takes longer to treat large areas. Laser Hair removal can also be more painful than IPL.

We believe that our IPL machine with inbuilt cooling system offers the best form of permanent hair removal.

Who is suitable for IPL Permanent Hair Removal

Almost anyone, we treat men, women and teenagers (please note if you are under 18 you will have to have a parent present during the consultation and treatment).


Are there any medical conditions that make IPL Permanent hair removal unsuitable?

Yes, this will be discussed fully at your consultation but there are some medical conditions and medications that would make laser or IPL hair removal unsuitable for clients.


How long will IPL Permanent hair removal take?

Our IPL system is very fast, small areas such as facial hair and underarms will take under 10 minutes, areas such as lower legs, shoulders and forearms will take under half an hour and large areas such as full legs for women and full back or chest for men will take under an hour.

A number of sessions spaced on average 4-6 weeks apart will be needed due to hair growing in phases to achieve permanent hair removal.

How many IPL Permanent hair removal sessions will I need?

Everybody is different, some people are happy with the results after 3 sessions but to achieve the best results I would always recommend having 6 – 8 sessions spaced around 4 weeks apart.

Can I be treated with IPL Permanent hair removal if I have a sun tan?

No if you have a recent sun tan you will have to wait at least 2 weeks before treatment. This is because the IPL can target the melanin produced by a tan and lead to pigmentation changes.

Are there any side effects to IPL Permanent hair removal treatments?

The side effects of IPL are minimal, immediately after treatment the area may be slightly red but this usually disappears very quickly.

Can you guarantee the hair removal results are permanent? No, this is because everyone is different and there are many different factors affecting hair growth. No hair removal system, laser or IPL can guarantee 100 % removal forever, but the term permanent hair removal is now so common that everybody advertising laser or IPL has to use it or they will never be found.

Although no one can guarantee 100% permanent removal, my customers are always happy with the results I achieve for them. I like to be honest with my clients and always let people know that in my opinion it is best to expect a very high level of permanent hair reduction with possibly a maintenance session needed every 6 months after completing a course of treatment.

What is the difference between Permanent hair removal and Permanent hair reduction?

There is no difference between the term permanent hair removal and permanent hair reduction. Permanent hair removal is the most common term advertising laser hair removal and IPL hair removal.

This is slightly misleading for clients but no hair removal system can be guaranteed to be 100% permanent. Laser and IPL systems do offer the most advanced levels of permanent hair reduction however it is a difficult term to advertise as if other centres were advertising permanent hair removal and I was only offering permanent hair reduction I would not get as many clients interested in my services.

I do always advise clients about the amount of sessions that will be needed and the fact that there may be a need for a top up session every 6 months.

How do I remove hair in between IPL Treatments?

There should be a gap of around 4-6 weeks between IPL sessions. This is to capture hairs in different growth cycles. In between cycles it is important to only remove hair by shaving, as waxing in between treatments can affect the hair growth cycles.

What should I do to prepare before IPL Treatments?

To prepare before an IPL session please ensure that the area to be treated is shaved, clean and dry. Also make sure that the area is free of make up, perfume and deodorant.

How should I care for my Skin after IPL Permanent hair removal treatment?

We recommend using a plain aloe vera gel to moisturise and soothe treated areas, try to avoid perfumed products to avoid irritation and also make sure that you avoid hot baths or showers as well as steam rooms and swimming pools immediately after treatment.