Q Switched lasers generate a high powered beam of light in an extremley short pulse and are considered the gold standard in laser tattoo removal. The short pulse of light is absorbed by the tattoo ink particles and breaks them down into smaller pieces enabling your natural immune defenses to absorb and disperse the ink. Over a short time period gradual fading of the tattoo occurs over a series of treatments. It is recommended a period of 4-6 weeks is left between each treatment.

During the treatment a clicking noise is often heard as the ink particles shatter. Most clients describe the sensation as being similar to that of a hot pin prick or the flick of a elastic band. Whilst mildly uncomfortable most people tolerate treatment well.

Whist gas bubbles may rise on the skin immediately – this is a good sign that heat has been released from the shattered ink particles, this will disappear within 20 minutes after treatment. Pinpoint bleeding may also occur and this is due to the tiny blood vessels within the skin erupting, again this should stop within 20 minutes following the treatment. Skin redness may be present and temporary swelling due to the heat and intensity of the treatment, again, this will subside shortly after treatment.
It is important to note all of these side effects are normal.